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We operate our banking services in many states around the country.

Instantfin Tech Private Limited (Instant Mudra) is a small loan fintech company. The company assists lenders in determining Borrower's creditworthiness and provides other associated services.

Instantfin Tech Private Limited is a young Fintech company formed by industry veterans to provide end-to-end solutions to financial institutions and borrowers. Instantfin focused on developing a digital platform that will enable merchants to deliver end-to-end financial services to the general public via its vast Cloud infrastructure.

Our business model derives its strength from the robust in-house technology, versatility of operations, channel scale and latest technology know-how. The challenges of serviceability and scalability of the traditional banking channels have been addressed by way of innovation.

A major group of entrepreneurs in India faces a steady struggle in moving their business towards the changing aspects of the market, as they undergo certain challenges in floating their loans products; external factors like inflexible guarantee parameters, frustrating lending policies and lengthy disbursements affect their loan appeals. Owing to the never ending process parameters, timely credit has turned into a matter of a headache. Enlistment of personal property is undesired when this is done to raise a business fund.

We as a population dominated by a strong middle class & young individuals left with empty pockets in middle or end of the month. Being broke at the end of the month is a common problem. Instant Mudra plans to offer helping hand by providing a small bridge loan to tide over that short difficult period till your salary reaches your account. We, Instantfin Tech Private Limited, recognize how tech-savvy the upcoming generation is. It’s characterized by endeavours to ‘live life king size’ and here we are to join you in the very start of your professional journey. We financially help you live those endeavours; whenever you have any cash crunch and your salary is due in weeks, you think of us! Our mobile application mobile app-based lending platform will help you avail short term loans in a jiffy. The process is simple and transparent.


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